Bodegas y Viñedos de Cinco Casas, S.A.

C/ Virgen de las Nieves, 2

13720 Cinco Casas (Ciudad Real)


Tlfn: + 34 926 52 90 10

Fax: + 34 926 52 60 70



Bodegas Cinco Casas is situated in the hamlet of the same name. While being a winery founded back in 1919 and which preserves many of the old features, it has been subject to extensive investments in the latest technologies and equipment.

Cinco Casas lies within the Denomination of Origin La Mancha, the largest wine- producing region in the world. The area lives and breathes the culture of wine which is reflected in its customs, its fiestas and its literature, foremost by Miguel de Cervantes himself.


But tradition has accepted innovation such that old skills have been used to successfully introduce varietals to the region. Alongside the native Tempranillo, Macabeo and Airén, varietals such as Syrah, Merlot and Verdejo have acclimatized perfectly to the characteristics of this area with its high altitude, extreme climate and soils which are fundamental to the quality of the grape.