Casa de la Viña, S.L.

Crta. La Solana-Villanueva de los Infantes, km.15. 13248 Alhambra [Ciudad Real] España

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C/Virgen de las Nieves, 2

13720 Cinco Casas [Ciudad Real] España.

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In 1789, Carlos V granted Pedro José Pérez Valiente a title of nobility. Nearly a century later, we find one of his descendants in Ciudad Real, the Count of Casavaliente, an old-school landowner converted into the greatest landowner of the province. Among his belongings, not only do we find Casa de la Viña, but also several surrounding hillsides and other nearby properties, making him the owner of a little kingdom of up to 10.000 hectares of land.


He was the one responsible for initiating the vine plantation at the property back in 1857 not with the goal of elaborating wine himself but instead of selling the grapes to other winemakers of the region.


The current building, which houses the winemaking facilities dates back two centuries as well. It is an old country house of two stories with whitewashed walls, its noble wing made up of wide living rooms which have presently been converted into offices, a tasting-room, and 15 bedrooms on the upper floor.


There is a little entrance porch which has been converted into a brick arch with smooth lines, partially hidden behind an old elm-tree whose roots have formed undulations in the cobbled yard. In a little granary nearby one can contemplate the 16 earthenware jars which served as deposits for the conservation of wine a very long time ago. These taper at the bottom and one can imagine how long ago the solid particles in the wine used to collect there.




The large inner patio, surrounded by old stables, appears today empty and unaware of the hustle of old times, the noise of the cattle and the presence of labourers. Beyond the boundaries of the house itself, one enters into open countryside, where at times the only trace of mankind witnessed is the thought of how the skill of man has transformed the landscape into a vast garden of vines and crops.