Casa de la Viña, S.L.

Crta. La Solana-Villanueva de los Infantes, km.15. 13248 Alhambra [Ciudad Real] España

Oficina comercial

C/Virgen de las Nieves, 2

13720 Cinco Casas [Ciudad Real] España.

Tlfn: + 34 926 52 90 10

Fax: + 34 926 52 60 70

The winery stands out as unusual in the area as urban installations are the norm. Casa de la Viña is, as the name indicates, a House in its Vineyard. This is very favourable for controlling all aspects of the winemaking process from taking care of the vines, controlling the maturity of the grapes, the time of harvest and above all the rapid transport of the harvested grapes to the winery reception area.


The new modern elaboration installations have had to be adapted to the existing primitive buildings to not alter their historical structure. The stainless steel tanks, the oak barrels, the bottles and the packaging materials have occupied the granaries and the stables. The agricultural disorder has been replaced by silence, necessary for the ageing process. At first sight rural accents invade the ambience and the truth of the winery's modern interior is only revealed upon entering.


The ageing cellars where the original wooden ceilings have been preserved can stack up to 1,000 oak casks of French and American oak, mostly new oak, and the oldest not exceeding 3 or 4 vintages. An iron grill divides this area from the bottle maturation area where up to 100,000 bottles are carefully stored.


The stainless steel capacity is for some 5.5 million litres with tanks of 270,000 litres (16), 100,000 litres (4), 70,000 litres (8), 50,000 litres (20) and 30,000 litres (4) allowing a production of up to 4 million bottles yearly. The tanks have refrigerated sleeves and are placed outside, Californian style. The view of the shining tanks with the green splendour of the vineyards in the background is an image of authenticity.