Señorio de Val Tinto

Bottled on the property

Red wine of the Tempranillo variety, from its own vineyards. After an exhaustive monitoring by pruning plots, vegetative cycle and ripening of the grapes (pulp and skin), the selection and manual harvesting of the plots is carried out. Through an optimal balance between “short macerations” and “temperature selection” in fermentation (initially high to extract body and low tumultuous to obtain aromas), it is possible to express the aromatic complexity (floral and fruit) as well as the body and the violet tones that define the personality of this terrain.

Visual Phase: Cherry red half layer, bright.
Olfactory Phase: Very marked notes of strawberry and ripe red fruits.
Gustatory Phase: In the mouth with acidity and grade perfectly assembled, clean and smooth.

White and red meats, roasted lamb, pork, beef stew, mushrooms and cured cheeses.

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