Location “Casa de la Viña is recognized as one of the best estates in Castilla La Mancha, founded in 1857”

In Alhambra within the province of Ciudad Real and 200 kilometers south of Madrid and at an altitude of 700 meters is Casa de la Viña, estate founded in 1857. They are more than 1,000 hectares of vineyards, olive trees, cereal, .. and in the center of all this the superbly equipped winery to make high-end wines: Premium, superpremium and ultrapremium and also wines for every day. It is a well-kept estate with a variety of terroirs and extraordinary vineyards. There are calcareous soils, sandy loam and also clayey reddish yellow, all of them very poor in organic content that due to the scarce rain give the crop a great resistance. It is remarkable the slopes of the mountains with good amount of stones under which moisture is conserved. With more than 2,500 hours of sun per year and a great luminosity throughout the year, the temperatures are extreme: very cold winters being usual temperatures around -5º C and very hot summers with usual temperatures around 40º C In summer there is a significant variation of temperatures between day and night favouring the good maturation of the grapes and therefore the high quality of the grapes: high colouring intensity, optimal structure and aromatic power. Singular wines thanks to the characteristics of altitude, soil and climatology and to the cultivation practices which priorize quality to production. They are vineyards with very low yields.

Vineyards around the winery mean that grapes are hardly subjected to a minimum transport, arriving at the winery at the ideal temperature and are processed immediately after being harvested.

Our vineyards in other places are extensive plantations of medium productions and high productions. Our viticulture is of precision and of maximum respect to the environment and is organic in a part of the plots in Casa de la Viña and in some of the vineyards in other places.

Casa de la Viña estate in addition to the land and the winery has a series of original buildings since its founding: the main house, gardens, a courtyard in La Mancha style, a small hermitage and some houses.