Viticulture. Vineyards “Precision viticulture, organic concepts and sustainability. Viña de Casa de la Viña with very low production and very productive vineyards.”

We make a respectful viticulture through cultivation practices based on organic concepts and sustainability. With the absolute absence in our vineyards of fertilizers and synthetic chemical substances, we keep the viticultural ecosystem alive. It is a viticulture of precision that allows us to define and limit the quality of the grapes, each year to obtain the maximum quality and to achieve the consistency of the harvests. Thanks to this, on the one hand, we produce wines with great personality and, on the other hand, wines of great value for consumption every day.

Old Vineyards

The base of our best wines are old vineyards because we consider that the balance of production achieved in them is the highest, thanks to the depth of their roots and the volume of soil explored lessens the influence of drought and because they are capable of providing greater complexity to the grapes. The harvest is manual, respectful and expert.

Tempranillo variety

From our Tempranillo grapes we obtain world-class wines which unite power and elegance with aromatic complexity and flavours. Sometimes we round the Tempranillo with foreign varieties.

Vineyards in Finca Casa de la Viña and Vineyards in other Locations

The old vineyards in Casa de la Viña estate planted in the best terroirs of the estate is the base of our best wines. The terroirs in Finca Casa de la Viña are recognized within the wine sector in Castilla La Mancha as extraordinarily good in the region. They are vineyards with very low yields from which we obtain grapes of maximum concentration and subtle tannins.

Throughout the years we have complemented these vineyards with plantations in other locations of Tempranillo variety and other varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and also Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. For each variety we have chosen the most suitable slopes and altitudes for its vegetative cycle. The choice of soils for each variety has been made based on an exhaustive edaphological study. All the vineyards are in trellis formation with North / South orientation. They have water controls for drip irrigation using humidity sensors at different levels. They are vineyards with different production levels, from medium productions to high productions and with their grapes, respectively, we complement our best wines and elaborate our entry-level wines.